Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Don't ever change

I picked up the final member of the party last night: a human exorcist who failed her way into losing a duel with Velvet and pledging to follow her orders. She of course plans on betraying Velvet as soon as possible and is going to kidnap Laphicet (on orders of the main bad guy) only Velvet knows that this is her plan because she saw her talking to a glowing ball. Velvet's plan is to make her miserable, but not kill her, because is she kills the exorcist then Laphicet will turn into a demon.

Yeah, I'm a little confused, too.

Velvet threatens to eat people often but rarely follows through. She did tell the exorcist that is she ran that she would gnaw off her arms and legs. The exorcist needs to be alive, but mobile. I really want Velvet to follow through on the awful things she says more often. Berseria is quite close to being a very dark game but it will only get there if Velvet actually is as evil as she says she is.

She talks a big game but hasn't eaten anyone is days. In fact she is getting nicer, something that will remove the only interesting thing about her. Velvet's selfishness is all that makes her unique. Once that is gone she is just a generic JRPG tough chic with a terrible outfit.


I am very much looking forward to Scorpio info tomorrow morning. While I do not hate the PS4 I would sooner play multiplatform titles on the Xbox for both epeen and controller issues.

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