Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I must be fair

Personality covers a great number of ills but that does not mean that I cannot find little things about which to bitch.

First, I have already mentioned Velvet's outfit. It was terrible in the beginning and near fifty hours later it is still terrible. Disheveled, not caring about how one looks because one is no longer human, I get that, but that much underboob is not physically possible. The is Dead or Alive levels of cheesecake and Velvet deserves better. Just give her a shirt and some pants that would actually cover something.

Second, the combat is far more complicated than it needs to be. There are mechanics, specifically defensive ones, that I have not used since the tutorials. Why include three different dodges and a counter attack if there are never required? Perhaps they are on higher difficulty levels. Based on Normal, most all of it is extraneous. Options are good but there are too many.

Finally, the last dungeon is too long. Tales games have a habit of throwing gigantic final areas at the player. I spent two hours working my way through Innominat's domain last night and I think that I am about halfway done. It's too much and not visually interesting enough to warrant the investment.

That's the best I can manage. This is a very good traditional JRPG. It is not an good looking at Final Fantasy XV or breathlessly stylish as Persona 5 but I have enjoyed all of the time that I have spent with it and will miss it when it is done.

For a little while, anyway. There are always more games to play. Shit, Guardian of the Galaxy came out today...

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