Friday, April 28, 2017

Murder on the cheap

I am unfathomably bad at the new Hitman. It it were someone else playing and I was standing behind him the jeers would be relentless and vicious. Every decision is wrong, every turned corner blows my cover, every body is hidden in the wrong place. My Agent 47 would fit in well with the Three Stooges.

What's remarkable is that his Hitman comes with bigger training wheels than previous games, should the player decide to use them. Going into instinct mode shows which NCPs will see through your current disguise. The target is visible on the map at all times. There are even 'opportunities' that can be triggered on the map, literally walking you through the level, step by step. It is even possible to save scum every individual encounter.

It still took me an hour to finish the tutorial mission and another hour to finish the first chapter. I can understand the allure to true Hitman fans: there are dozens of ways to kill each target. I will be happy getting one of them to work and moving on. I think Hitman is right up there with RTS games like Starcraft and X-Com and bullshit games like Dark Souls in the list of games that I just cannot play correctly.

My Agent 47 may not be very sneaky (or very bright) but he will get the job done eventually.

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