Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Right plot wrong game

Livelock has a much better setup than is required for a by the numbers co-op (or not co-op, as I play them) shooter. Scientists discover that all biological life on Earth will be wiped out in ten years by an approaching gamma ray burst. Just to keep you up at night, yes, this is a thing that could actually happen but no, it is doubtful that anyone would see it coming.

In an effort to preserve human life most everyone has the minds transferred into Eden, a giant database that is then stored in three different major cities. Each of the cities is run by an autonomous AI and a fourth AI is sent into orbit to coordinate things. The gamma ray burst hits and is much more powerful than expected, doing quite a bit of damage to each of the AIs. They forget most of their programming and, because they are human creations, go to war with one another in a three front conflict that has gone on for millenia.

The player is a freshly dusted off human mind placed into a robotic body sent to conquer each of the three AIs to do something that is poorly explained. Surprise, surprise, the player is betrayed at the end in a twist that makes little sense and the plot falls apart. Up to that point it could have made a pretty good setting for an RPG.

Oh, the game? Yeah, it's a by the numbers twin stick shooter. Not as good as Alienation but without Alienation's bullshit final level. It passed the time for two evenings which is all I asked of it.

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