Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Such evil Much terrible

I am waiting for Tales of Berseria to go soft, to turn Velvet back from her path of vengeance. So far she treats everyone equally poorly, party members included. She has attacked a member of the party for not doing what she said to do, switched rapidly between treating the child she stole as a surrogate brother and as a tool that she might eat at a moments notice, and generally is a jerk to everyone she comes in contact with.

The child is the only member of the cast with any redeeming features. The pirate is cursed and, in one breath, encourages people to do what they want to and then says that doing what they want to may mean that he has to kill them. The witch ritualistically abuses her familiar, The swordsman at least has some loyalty but it is only there for as long as his goals mesh with Velvet's.

Laphiset (the child) is the moral center and no one pays attention to him.

This is a bleak game. On top of the revenge theme there is a nice dash of goddamn slavery. An entire race of beings has been enslaved, three of which are in the group, and Velvet sees them as the same kind of tools as their erstwhile masters.

Velvet and her crew are, for the moment, the 'bad' guys. The 'good' guys may have done some terrible things in the name of the greater good, things like sacrifice Velvet's brother and sister to the old gods and suppress an entire race, but other than that things are working out pretty well.

I take that back, there are no good guys right now. After the blandness of the Final Fantasy XV boy bad it is quite refreshing. Now if only the game looked like it belonged in this generation. Or the last one.

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