Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I am trying to be positive

I was fully prepared to say lots of nice things about For Honor. I was going to compliment how smoothly it runs, how good it looks, how the combat is much, much deeper than it first appears. I was going to highlight how it manages to have a story in a campaign mode that is clearly designed to funnel players into the multiplayer, how it creates reasonable characters in a short amount of time. I was even going to single out its villain, Apollyon, as being very powerful and really creepy at the same time.


Last night I was working on what I assume is the final mission. It was late, I should have gone to bed, but I pressed on because the story had momentum and I had just conquered several difficult boss fights in a row. I was fighting the aforementioned Apollyon and she is a straight up badass even without the random mooks she has around to assist.

A message popped up: Servers are going down in ten minutes for scheduled downtime.

No worries, I am playing single player, right? I soldiered on. The Apollyon fight was hard. After half of her health was gone the room was hit by giant rocks launched from catapults. She fled, taunted me, and then took up a position at the top of the large flight of stairs. She had the high ground, could hit harder than me and was faster. This has to be the end.

The message popped up again: Servers are going down in five minutes for scheduled downtime.

I fought and died to Apollyon for those five minutes, never thinking that the servers going down would kick me out of a single player game. It did. When that five minutes was up a final message appeared saying that the connection to the Ubisoft servers had been lost. I could still hear the battle happening behind the message. The game was still running, I just couldn't play it any longer.

Bad form, Ubisoft.

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