Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I must be strong

Look at this shit:

Yeah. Yeah. I want to play that. At least I think that I want to play that. Let's do a little research...

'...I'd get stuck in no win situations...' - IGN

'Strafe is basically Spelunky in first person.' - Destructoid

Well then, that's a no, at least at full price. It was also called unfair in several reviews and mouse and keyboard controls were deemed required. I like the idea of Strafe, just not enough to pay $20 for it and push the backlog back further.

Here is the plan: when the game hits $10 I will buy it and stream the results. I should have documented my attempts at No Man's Sky, Bloodborne and Nioh in the same manner. 'Chamberlain swears at games he is bad at' could be a new feature. That means that I need to buy a mic for my PS4, but still, it could be amusing.


Sniper Elite 4 is the game that I wanted the new Hitman to be: easy and tolerant of foolish mistakes. More in a day or two but I can say at the moment that it brings nothing new to its niche genre and I am fine with that.

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