Monday, June 5, 2017


After the Nier: Automata unpleasantness I played nothing but Tekken 7. I still remember some Nina but what I remember is outdated and unsafe so I need to retrain my hands if I am to see any success. Tekken 7 has launched somewhere between Street Fighter V and Injustice 2, content wise. There is a story mode and you can fight online sometimes - random player matches do not work at the moment but setting up a lobby does. It does not have the missions that Injustice 2 has but it does have what amounts to an infinite arcade mode, something that Street Fighter V still has not added.

This mode is called treasure mode and it pits the player against random opponents of the same approximate skill as the player. As the player improves and moves up in rank the opponents improve with the occasional ringer thrown in to keep anyone from getting to full of themselves. Giving the fighters names and randomish customizations creates a satisfying illusion of playing online without actually playing online.

For the Virtua Fighter fan(s) out there, it is Kumite mode.

I have no desire to play dress up with Nina but I did get her out of the ridiculous wedding dress outfit as soon as I could. The only thing I have added since are little round sunglasses.


I am still mad about Nier. Maybe Outlast 2 will scar me enough to forget about it.

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