Friday, June 2, 2017


Something very strange happened last night.

I found out that Ed, the new SFV character that no one asked for, came out a few days ago. It was both amusing and sad that I did not take notice of his arrival. He was already paid for so I figured what the hell, might as well take him for a test drive. Ed looks terrible. His character design is without redeeming feature. How how plays, though, is very interesting. The only traditional special move he has is his super. All other specials are either piano inputs (mash) or simultaneous button inputs.

His combos, at least the ones in the trials, were dead easy and looked good. Ed was actually fun to use. While working on, and actually completing, his trials I noticed that all previous characters had new sets of trials to correspond with Season 2 changes. The joystick was plugged in, so why not, I did a few.

For three hours. There were stupid difficult. The closest I came to completion was nine out of ten of Bison's. I never took the game online, never played against the computer. It was just me reading button inputs and failing over and over.

This morning I felt guilty. How dare I have wasted three hours that could have been put into Nier Automata for the last chapter of Walked Dead Season 3. I don't have time for such frivolities. That's it, I am not buying Tekken 7. All day I thought this. As my lunch approached I grew more and more anxious, struggling between finishing games that I want to play and admitting that sitting in trials for three hours was not a waste of time, that it might be a sign that I am ready to play a fighting game seriously again.

On the way to lunch I drove right past my Gamestop. That was it, the die was cast, I was skipping Tekken 7. No dusting off my Nina or Steve and getting beaten to a pulp online. No grinding in the practice room looking for wall carries and optimal juggles. I have to much else to do. The list is too long.

But I had just played Street Fighter V, a game that everyone is getting tired of, for three hours. The five matches of Injustice 2 that I played online were enjoyable. Why am I fighting this?

On the way back from lunch I bought Tekken 7. This was my reward:

I am never going to get caught up.

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