Saturday, June 3, 2017

Fuck Yoko Taro

Nier: Automata was moving along just fine. It had warned me on several occasions that there was no auto-save and that death meant having to retrieve your corpse. I took it seriously, saved often, approached combat carefully, basically everything that it wanted me to do.

While cleaning up some non-combat related side missions I went a little longer than usual between saves, somewhere around thirty to forty five minutes. One of the quests was to eat a fish that had been caught just to see what it would do. It killed me.

No big deal, I knew where I died, it was a safe area, I would just walk back and get my stuff. Nope, this was one of the game 27 'endings,' fuck you, go back to your last save.


I do not repeat myself. I do not play games a second time, I do not play new game plus, I do not indulge in post ending content. I will not be forced to waste my time replaying sections of a game because some pretentious ass thought it would amusing to fuck the player.

Yoko Taro, if by some miracle you stumble across this, fuck you. This is a good game and your self important douchbaggery is going to keep me from playing any more of it. You broke the very rules that you so emphatically set and I will not tolerate that. I will not have my time wasted. I will not be punished for doing what I was told to do.

I have not been this angry and disappointed in some time.

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  1. (Takes a nibble.

    Chews it, thoughtfully.)

    Ah. Hilarious.