Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Getting closer

It rained blood in Outlast 2 last night.

A torrential downpour. It looked thick like blood as it hit the ground and buildings.

Yeah, that was freaky as shit. Outlast 2 has more going for it, scares wise, than the first two games. Jump scares, sure, but every time I wake up in the middle school I get more nervous because every time it gets a little worse.

Before it rained blood in the real world? I came across a shower that was spraying blood. Then something knocked from inside a stall and I, because I am gullible, opened it. No one there...

...then a geyser of the red stuff.

But is it the real world? I am beginning to suspect that the whole game is in the main character's head, that he is either in a coma or slowly dying after the opening plane crash. This would fit with the 'not quite Silent Hill 2' theme.

Taking a break tonight, both to record and to play some Tekken. And because I need a break.

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