Monday, June 12, 2017

Warm takes

I am going to save most of my E3 hot takes for the podcast on Wednesday. Of the three I have watched so far (EA, Microsoft and Bethesda) each had at least one surprise.

EA - the new Need for Speed games looks like something I will enjoy. I have not played a Need for Speed game in years but this one will be given a shot.

Microsoft - new Metro game? I know that it is not exclusive but I am pleased that it exists. No, I am not surprised by the XxX (that is what I am calling it) price but I am disappointed by the release date.

Bethesda - The Evil Within 2? No one say this coming.


After weeks of putting it off I played the final chapter of The Walking Dead: Season 3. Small spoilers, I suppose:

It had an almost happy, uplifting ending. It also states there Clem is coming back for more. I am not sure how I feel about this. That character has seen some serious shit and needs to be given a break.


Mass Effect Andromeda has serious, serious visual problems. It's not just the faces, and they are terrible, but the entire UI and menu systems are ugly as sin. It's no wonder that there is no talk of expansions or sequels.

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