Friday, July 7, 2017

Without Keanu, though

I don't enjoy games to the same level as my friend Chance. When he loves a game he loves the game. He becomes emotionally invested in it, plays nothing but it for weeks, sometimes months at a time. I am always so concerned with what game is next that every experience, even the good ones, becomes less enjoyable as it drags on. Spending more time than is absolutely necessary on any one game is unthinkable.

On top that the games that he falls in love with are almost always games that I do not enjoy, examples being Darkest Dungeon, Galak-Z and Overwatch. Two of those I own and stopped playing and the third I played for an hour or two before sending away. Dank memes and hot fan art are not enough to sustain me when I am terrible at the game and have no patience to improve.

There have been times where everything lined up, Wolfenstein The New Order and Far Cry Primal are among the best. Then there is Horizon: Zero Dawn. Chance has already declared it his game of the year. In July. I broke one of my cardinal rules and skipped over Prey to start it last night.

It's good. Very good. It is the game that validates my owning a 4K television. It plays like the best parts of Far Cry and I have not even begun to ride robotic dinosaurs. But all this agreement will not make for an interesting podcast next week.

So what am I to do?


I'm kidding, the game is great. He was right.

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