Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Ready to boulder

The second attempt took all of twenty minutes and I have no idea what was so hard the first time around. I did get some sweet shots of the final boss's first form - that I could not get off of the PS4 because I did not have a thumb drive handy. If I was playing this on the Xbox One I could share them to my One Drive and they would be available from my computer but no, not only does Sony not want to allow cross platform play they make it as difficult as possible to get data off of their system.

I am pretty sure that I could link my Twitter account to the system and then tweet the image but that would compress it and diminish its fabulousness.

When does the Xbox One X come out again? There are so many reasons why I am looking forward to it, not the least of which is to get away from the PS4 UI and draconian nature.


There is no time to be annoyed! It's Rock of Ages 2 time!

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