Monday, August 28, 2017

Tantalizing anticipation

DNS issues resolved! Sometimes it is nice have spent a few agonizing months as a network admin.


I was within spitting distance of the end of Dragon Quest Heroes 2 last night. Down to my last two heroes, out of resurrection and healing items, my designated healer lay in a heap on the ground while I and the reasonably deft AI danced around a six legged dragon that could one shot any character that missed a dodge. In Marvel terms he was on his magic pixel, a sliver of life just to the left of what is visible on his health bar.

My main character went in for the kill, got in a few hits, then was picked up and chewed on by the dragon, leaving me with one character (who I didn't know how to use) while he regenerated health at a frightening rate. I flailed at him with all I had, minus the super move that would have actually saved me but was not charged. The dragon regained a full quarter of his health, tossed the main character to the ground and then set off an explosion that killed what was left of his backup.

Game over.

Did I mention that this was a two part boss battle and that there was no save between fights? Yeah, I am super excited to try this again tonight. Once.

The saving grace is that Fractos (terrible name for a big bad guy) bears a passing resemblance to Dr. Frank-n-furter in both looks and mannerisms. It's probably just in my head, and I can provide no proof as Google image search provides no results - the character is kind of a secret until the final few hours of the game.

Just imagine this. As a boss. With really long ears.

There you go. Just let it happen. You'll be okay soon.

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