Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Big and little

I played Marvel vs Capcom Infinite for around three hours last night without leaving the trials or the practice room. Not a single character feels comfortable yet mostly likely to me having played the third game so briefly around five years ago. Before I even think about playing against a person I need a character that feels right, whose  movement and arsenal are not a struggle to deal with. I am not there yet but I have eliminated a few people.

Dante is far too complex. He is doctorate level Marvel and I am in kindergarten.

Anyone with a down down motion. A misguided attempt at lowering the execution barrier has led to most dragon punch motions (forward - down - downforward) being replaced by down down. I find this significantly worse than a normal DP motion and impossible to do accurately or quickly. This takes out Mega Man X, Gamora, Chun Li  and Captain Marvel, among others.

Ryu - he doesn't feel like Ryu at all.

Frank - I just don't like Frank after the last Dead Rising.

The one team that I took into the practice room and some fun with was Hulk - Rocket Raccoon with the Speed gem. Here's my idea: Hulk hits hard but it slow. Rocket is fast. Start a combo with Rocket and tag in Hulk to finish it off. I think the principle is sounds. The Speed gem give Hulk an air dash, which is does not normally have, and allows Rocket up to three airborne moves (his two air dashes and the speed gem) to try to mix up into a hit.

Again, I think the principle is sound. I do not know if I have the skills or the patience to make anything happen. My one day foray into Overwatch should give you a clue on his this may end up going.

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