Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Finally too far

There is a nun character in Ys VII that looks like this:

Pretty normal nun, right? Crosses have been replaced by generic religious looking things. She is obviously being penitent about something. After she is rescued Sister Nia asks Adol to take her on a pilgrimage - to the top of a very tall, monster infested hill. She wants to pray while high up in the air, or something like that. Cue boring escort mission made worse by Sister Nia not being able to move faster than a slow amble.

When she finally reaches the top of the hill Sister Nia expresses frustration at how slowly she moved while tripping over small rocks. She asks Adol to turn around, there is a sound of fabric tearing, and then:

COME ON. That is not okay. She lounges around like that back at base camp after the mission is done, making sure everyone knows that the nun was smoking hot under her habit. Granted, her outfit is downright demure compared to Dana's, it still made me fill a little creepier than usual, and that is saying something coming from a 40 something guy playing JRPGs in his basement. 

If I made it through the style catastrophe that was Tales of Berseria I can make it through this.

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