Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Line and sinker

Ys VIII is an at times clumsy collection of adventure tropes. A ship is wrecked off of a deserted island by a giant squid. The hero wakes up on the beach and with the help of other survivors builds a fort to provide protection while they figure out how to get off of the island. There are dead pirates, a serial killer that happened to be on the boat and, crucially, dinosaurs, because this is not just anime Robinson Crusoe, it is anime Robinson Crusoe crossed with the Land of the Lost.

Add in a little occasional 'Oh Japan' and the game is compelling in spite of its last gen looks and mostly useless map. (Seriously, Dana's outfit gives Velvet's from Berseria a run for the bottom of the barrell.) I was not planning on dropping forty hours on this when I have better looking games to play and a new console arriving in two weeks but it appears that I no longer have a choice.

I talk a big game but just about any ARPG will hook me. Even the fishing mini-game has not been enough to drive me away.


Lacrimosa - (Italian) female singular of lacrimoso: teary, tear filled, wet

Do I smell a tragic ending? We can only hope.

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