Monday, October 30, 2017

Missed opportunities

I was able to catch most of the Sony Press conference at the Paris Game Show in spite of my stone age office internet connection. It was not all that exciting. Guacamelee 2 is excellent news but the total lack of release window is not. Sucker Punch teasing their next project is also good news but I doubt that it will see a release before the end of next year.

God of War looks less like God of War with each trailer. Horizon Zero Dawn's winter expansion looks exactly like the rest of the game, so meh. I did not realize that Shadow of the Colossus was getting a full blown remake, not just a remaster at a respectable frame rate. I do not think that it will get played but, you know, someone will buy it. There was also quite a bit of PSVR stuff, but really, who cares.

The Last of Us 2 had an extraordinarily violent story trailer to close out the show that featured evisceration, hanging, arms broken with hammers, arrows to the head and the claw end of said hammer being embedded into a skull. There were no recognizable characters but one of the women had arms that I would kill for.

Days Gone was surprisingly absent. Perhaps Sony did not want to put it up against Naughty Dog.


Ys VIII hit an interesting crossroads last night and I do not think that it handled it very well. The entire game has been about Adol and company trying to survive on an island filled with dinosaurs long enough to build a boat and escape. There are complications: Adol having visions of Dana and the end of civilization and the giant squid thing that destroyed their ship in the first place. The giant squid problem has been resolved and everyone had calamari for dinner.

The Dana issue got much more complicated when she showed up in the current time without her memory. Adol continued to have flashbacks, some of which the player gets to control, but this time both Adol and Dana are learning about what happened in the past. The last flashback saw Dana's city destroyed be a meteor strike, somehow fitting and a forehead slapper at the same time.

Present day Dana was worried that Adol would no longer help her now that their escape is possible. Adol says that no, he will continue to explore the island while the new boat is actually being built. The adventure should have then continued with her in the party heading out to the last quadrant of the island still missing from the map.

Instead she disappears. Runs away, perhaps, and I guarantee that she will need rescuing. Groan. Dana is a relatively strong character. I say relatively because this is still a JRPG and their treatment of female characters is suspect (remember the hot nun from a few days ago?). She was powerful and resourceful, somehow avoiding an extinction level event, and now she runs away from the people helping her because, well, because the plot requires it?

The combat is still fun so I will keep playing. I do not think I will finish it before Wednesday which means I will not have much to talk about. No problem, I will sit out the Stranger Things talk, which I promise there will be a lot of.

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