Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Not exactly newbs

I finished Ruiner last night and I am still up in the air about how good it was. Upgrade points come at a premium which forces the player to choose skills carefully but respecs are free. It is expected that the player retool their skills to fight different bosses. The bosses themselves are almost never fun to fight but every encounter leading up to them, including a final battle royal that comes full circle to a spoilery plot point, are very good. Not perfect, as enemies that can teleport without warning or tell can fuck right off (especially when they are firing a minigun), but it works far more often than it doesn't work.

Aesthetically it swings from just enough weird, cyber-punk riffing on Akira and The Matrix to far too much, especially when all the nifty lighting effects get in the way of the combat. Honestly, it feels like a first attempt from a developer that has a chance of being very good. Let's check.

...time passes...

I was technically correct. Ruiner is the first game by Reikon Games but they are comprised of industry veterans who have worked on Dead Island and The Witcher games. Not exactly a first outing. More like a first attempt without training wheels. Ruiner mostly succeeds. Another pass with the digital polisher and it might have been better. Ending up in the same mind space as Hotline Miami will always bring difficult comparisons.


I played Marvel again last night. It did not go well. Sigma and monster hunter are a problem. I ended up in a casual match again a rank 9 player (full disclosure: I am rank 15, the bottom of the bottom) in which I might as well have not been holding a controller. If I wanted that kind of relentless abuse I would play Overwatch.

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