Monday, October 23, 2017

Voting with dollars

Contrary to 'the way that I do things' I may end up purchasing Wolfenstein II, both as a final goodbye present to my soon to be ignored (not really) PS4 Pro and to support Bethesda's firm anti-nazi stance. I have been shooting video game nazis since the original Medal of Honor, I did have a PC in the Wolfenstein 3D days, and see no good reason to stop. Bethesda leaning into the bizarre thought that not all fascism is bad by posting videos of an American as apple pie BJ shooting goose steppers in the face is beautiful.

The belief that Wolfenstein II was whipped up in short order to make a political statement is so laughable I cannot believe that anyone actually subscribes to it. Then again, this is the internet in 'merica, I should know better than to expect more than the worst.

Guess what? I am looking forward to shooting white religious nuts in Far Cry 5 because it is about time someone took aim at my team. Bible belt white folk can be pretty terrible, just like any other group of people, why should they be immune to virtual cross hairs?

Yes, video games can be used to make political statements. No, that is not what Wolfenstein II is. It is just a pleasant accident.

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