Friday, November 3, 2017

Just off the mark

There is something just slightly off about Uncharted Lost Legacy but I can't decide if it is a problem with the game or a problem with me. Aiming feels a little floaty, a little inaccurate, but the combat has never been the high point of the Uncharted games. Fighting enemies was just a means to the end of a dramatic, over the top set piece. There has only been one of such set pieces so far, a chase across rooftops that I swear I have done before, and it looked great but was not all that exciting.

The second level is an open world(ish) section right out of A Thief's End, just not as big. There are three ruins to explore, but they are quite small, and the area itself can be driven across in a jeep in just a few minutes. This may be the problem: Uncharted games were big games. Big encounters, big characters, over the top nonsense right out of the best parts of pulpy action movies. Lost Legacy, so far at least, does not have this.

It is a more personal adventure, which Naughty Dog can do, but these are characters that I do not know as well or care as much about as Nathan. The banter between Chloe and Nadine is well written and interesting, always entertaining, but I do not feel like I am part of the story. The closest to engagement I have come was Chloe assuring Nadine that she was no longer involved with the Drake's. Nadine appreciated this seeing as how the Drake's killed her entire band of mercenaries in the last game.

Both Chloe and Nadine have issues with their fathers, Chloe because he was never around and Nadine because she has ruined the company he left her, and I can see the payoff for both coming a mile away. I just don't like either of them as much as I liked Nathan, and I didn't like Nathan until the end of the second Uncharted. His smugness always bothered me.

I hope that there is another silly over the top moment before the game is done, the kind I expect from the series. I also hope that, unlike a Thief's End, that there is a little bit of the supernatural thrown in before the credits role. Chloe and Nadine are looking for the lost tusk of Ganesha. It would be sweet if he himself showed up and started kicking ass with all four of his arms.

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