Monday, November 6, 2017

Mission partially accomplished

I was right on the money with my guess on how long it would take to finish Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. It was blissfully short, something that I needed after 40+ hours of Ys VIII. It also picked up significantly after the open world section, though every plot point and every encounter had been done at least once before in the series. The game even ended on a 'race to the front of a moving train' segment ripped right out of the Among Thieves.

Was the point of the game 'the same, but shorter, and this time with female leads'? If so then I will say that it succeeded. It certainly did not add anything to the mythos. Sam shows up and is still not very likeable. Chloe and Nadine become fast friends in spite of Nadine punching Chloe right in the jaw upon Sam's arrival on the scene. There is just a little bad blood there. And everyone has a happy ending over pizza.

The Lost Legacy has precisely zero emotionally resonating moments. Say what you will about A Thief's End, it had at least two moments where Nathan and Elena stopped being videogame characters and became people living inside of you television. I am speaking of Elena kicking Nathan's ass as Crash Bandicoot and the exceptional ending. Chloe and Nadine never make it that far. Their banter is a little too contrived, a little too convenient, and their friendship at the end not exactly believable. Chloe is a thief and Nadine is an (ex) para-military mercenary. They say that they have both turned over a new leaf but there is no reason to believe them.

On a positive note, I was waiting for and dreading the moment that Sam would betray the two leading women and get his ass summarily kicked. That never happened. He complained, he smarted off, but he never forgot that Chloe and Nadine did not have to come looking for him and that he would have died several time if the ladies were not significantly tougher and smarter than he was.


Observer is boring. Rutger Hauer sounds drunk, or at least very tired, and disinterested. The game itself is part boring investigation with little direction and part boring trip through the cyber punk dreams of the dying. It is not frightening, at least not yet, and it quite literally put me to sleep, though the time change and my advanced age may be partly to blame.

Layers of Fear was not great but it had its moments. Good, spooky, hair on the back of your neck perks up moments. I do not see Observer getting that far and it only has one more day to try.

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