Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Do I really want to continue playing a game that has me constantly looking over my shoulder, afraid that someone might sneak up behind me and see exactly what level of smut I am tolerating? Nights of Azure was dodgy in the boobs physics department. Tales of Berseria had the worst, most needlessly revealing costume ever in a game not name Dead or Alive. I say had because Alushe's outfit is worse. And she is not very interesting while Velvet was well enough envisioned that I can remember her name six months later.

I played Nights of Azure 2 last night, less than twenty four hours ago, and I had to look up Alushe's name. That is not a good sign. I did fall into the a nice rhythm last night of exploring for as long as I could, taking care of a few side quests, then returning to base to level up and sleep, but that does not necessarily excuse not being able to get the combo ender I want consistently or a terrible camera or cinematic special moves that occur too often and spend too much time at uncomfortable angles.

It is not that the game is too Japan (it totally is), it is that there is not enough game behind it to back up the too Japan-ness. And yet I will play it again tonight because what else am I going to do, play Marvel?

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