Tuesday, November 21, 2017

There is no hope

Fox News is reporting that the Apollo 17 moon landing may or may not be fake. You decide I read some of the comments and my brain slid right out of my ears.

The FCC is rolling back net neutrality.

North Korea continues to trade school yard insults with the president and is objectively winning.

Syria, fucking Syria, has joined the Paris climate accord, leaving the United States as the only 'civilized' nation that opposes it.

Gun violence is out of control and the solution is more guns. Climate change is approaching the point of no return and the solution is to bolster the rightfully dying coal industry. Willful scientific ignorance is the norm. Nazis are not always bad. Security theatre, be that the removal of shoes when boarding a plane or a big ass wall that someone else is going to pay for, is applauded. Alabama voters are sticking with an accused pedofile because at least he isn't a democrat.

The sun rises. The sun sets. It's a wonder that I ever leave the house.


Wolfenstein 2 has decided to pad its length by sending me back through completed areas for collectibles. This game is losing points with me, fast.

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