Monday, November 13, 2017


Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is missing something. Strike that, it's missing a lot of things. From my point of view, it is missing Corvo and his sweet mask as I played him and only him in the first two games. I am open to change as long as I get something back in return. Death of the Outsider has only one playable character, Billie Lurk, and while she has a great name and a pretty good look she is just not much fun to use.

Billie has very few skills when compared to either playable character from Dishonored 2 and the ones that she does have don't level up or change as the game progresses. She doesn't have a fast movement option; it has been replaced by the ability to drop a recall point and jump back to it as long as line of site is maintained. That line of sight bit severely limits its usefulness as a way to retreat. Billie can also enter the void itself and wander around the level (for a limited amount of time) as a spirit and place said recall points. Again, line of site needs to be maintained to actually use it.

Finally she can assume the identity of a living, at worst unconscious, NPC and walk around undetected wearing a fresh, new face. For a very limited time. And if the body is discovered her cover is blown. That's it. No way to chain kills together or make corpses disappear via swarms of rats. All of the mundane weapons are still there, a gun and grenades and razor mines, but that is not why anyone actually plays a Dishonored game. I came for the supernatural movement/killing nonsense and it just is not here. Playing as Billie feels like doing a no powers run as Corvo. And I never even attempted one of those.

Because I abhor frustration.

Perhaps due to the limited skills or less creatively designed levels (or just because) Death of the Outsider is much more difficult. Billie can never just walk around the streets as her face is on wanted posters everywhere and it is difficult to miss a woman with a red terminator eye and boney arm. Not being terribly good at stealth games I end up walking through the level, stacking up corpses, then going back and attempting the side missions. These are much more difficult as well, including one that requires the player to not touch anyone in the level. You can't even knock them out. Full stealth, no violence.

Fuck that. The game isn't terribly long, I am right at the end of the third of five levels, so I will see it to its conclusion. The best the game has mustered so far was a reference to Prey. Scary tar monsters showing up next would be an improvement.

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