Friday, December 1, 2017

A winner, I suppose

Nights of Azure 2 assumes that the player is going to run through the game several times to wring every last bit of smut from its supple recesses. The chapter time limit all but guarantees that the player will not be able to get to all of the side quests and relationship building nonsense for every character and I am not going to play this thing more than once so I had to pick one to focus on. This was done based on two criteria: combat effectives and being at least physically plausible in a lower gravity environment. There was only one choice: Veruschka.

Veruschka is a half-fiend like Aluche, only her transformation did not got as well and she is doomed to die young. She was also stolen from an orphanage at a very young age and, as she is little more than a weapon, never learned any emotion. She has both big hitting attacks for single enemies and good crowd control. And she is almost fully clothed. 

Not much is happening in the game, story wise. Nights of Azure had an honest romance subplot between the protagonists and this game plays out more like Porkies written by the comic book guy from The Simpsons. There are no actual relationships here, just winking innuendo and wacky misunderstandings. Arnice, the hero from the first game, showed up as a boss fight (she has amnesia because of course she has amnesia) and even that did little to raise my interest.

I am not sure who the target audience is, but I am not it, and I have more fun making up excuses as to not tell anyone what I am playing that I am actually playing the game.

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