Monday, December 18, 2017

No, I will not play it your way

My time with Destiny 2 ended just as I assume it would: all of the single player content was done and I had not reached a power level high enough to open whatever Leviathan is. There were three options: grind, play strikes and/or PvP, stop playing. I chose to stop playing but I will not complain about a shooter with around 24 hours of solid content. Destiny 2, the part I can play by myself, was very good. I am not equipped to react to the rest of it as the multiplayer function may as well not exist, as far as I am concerned.


Gran Turismo Sport is the most self important, obtuse, over designed game that I have ever seen. The racing may have been good, I wouldn't know, as I never got to play it. The license tests from previous Gran Turismo games are there and are just as boring as they have ever been. They are not required, thankfully, so I did a few and then went looking for a campaign or career mode. There isn't one. There is a training exercise that will take you through each course, which is useful and also boring, but all racing actually takes place online. Against other people.

Before you can do that you are forced to watch two videos on how they would like you to behave online. I am serious. They think that two videos will keep people from driving like a dick head. I drive like a dick head, not by choice, mind you, but because I am not very good at video games, therefore I never race online in Forza. It is what is best for all parties involved: I do have to put up with losing and no one else has to put up with my shitty driving. Two videos on 'not doing things that make you look bad' will certainly fix that.

I watched the videos. I tried to get online. Before I could do that I had to provide an email address for spam/updates. That was the last straw. Of course I have a burner email address that I rarely check for just this kind of thing but the level of arrogance on display was nauseating. No, there is no single player, why would anyone want that, now watch these videos, behave, and by the way bend over and spread them as we have bills to pay and are going to sell your email address.

Fuck you, Polyphony Digital. Fuck you. Every second of time I spent on your game would have been better spent on Forza 7, which is itself only mediocre beyond it initial gorgeousness. So that's what I did.

Yes, I am aware that there is a single player update coming out sometime in December that will include GT League, a traditional campaign. It's too late for that. I am not coming back.

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