Monday, December 11, 2017

The ballad of Tokido, part 2

Capcom Cup was great, storyline wise. I am talking full blown, professional wrestling angles with revenge and comeuppance. The FGC has always stolen liberally from WWE, there is even a major tournament fashioned after a pay per view event, ring and all, but Capcom Cup proved that the best drama cannot be manufactured. It just happens organically when the best in the world at something are thrown into a confined space and told to have at it.

As of Friday there were 31 entrants in the Capcom Cup, some qualified by accumulating points and others by winning majors. The 32nd spot was reserved for the Last Chance Qualifier, a tournament before the tournament whose winner gets into the big show. It is run from beginning to end on Friday, a true marathon of an event. The victor this year was Nemo, an extraordinary  Urien player who took on Infiltration three separate times. The first time Nemo sent Infiltration to losers, beating his Menat like a used drum. Infiltration switched to Juri and reset the bracket but it did not matter. Nemo was on a mission and took his place as the 32nd seed.

The 32nd seed has the 'honor' of being fed to the number one seed. Remember Punk, of second place at Evo, just beat by Tokido fame? He took that second place at Evo and ran with it, winning majors and accumulating more than enough points for the top spot. He over a thousand more points than Tokido, something that I am sure he was quite proud of. The match did not go as Punk would have liked.

Punk was later excused from the tournament by Moke. By the time the top 8 were decided all of the Americans were gone, one of which threw more than a little shade at the announcers for highlighting his 'spotty' Capcom Cup record. (We love you Justin, suck it up). This does not mean that it was an all Japan top 8, as Problem X from the UK and MenaRD from the Dominican Republic, a place most Americans would not be able to find on a large print map, threatened their total dominance.

One problem: Tokido.

Tokido had not been entirely dominant, he had several close calls, including this one:

Full disclosure, I did not know who MenaRD was before Sunday night, much less that the DR had a fighting game scene. He, just like Punk, represented the new wave of Street Fighter players. Tokido has been playing fighting games for longer than MenaRD has been alive. When Tokido send him to losers it appeared to be all over. Even if he made through the loser's bracket and back to grand finals Tokido already had his number. There was no coming back.

It was MenaRD who finally ended Nemo's run. From not being in the tournament to third place was no small feat, but the best was yet to come. MenaRD had to reset the bracket. Against Tokido. Cue the Rocky music.

Drama, motherfuckers. That is how you do it. Tokido gets his comeuppance. Not revenge, as it was not Punk who did him in, but there was something almost Shakespearean in his defeat by a much younger man. The torch was not passed at Capcom Cup. It was taken by force.


And then Blanka was announced for Season 3 and I am happier than I have been in a long, long time.

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