Monday, December 4, 2017

The smuttiest spoilers

In case the title was not clear, I am going to talk about the ending(s) of Nights of Azure 2. No one should play this game because it is not very good (not just because it is several buckets full of cringe) but if you happen to enjoy mediocre JRPGs and this is on your list, consider yourself warned.

There are two endings to Nights of Azure 2, one that makes sense and one that does not. It is difficult to determine which of these is the 'canon' ending, and I cannot believe that I just implied that Nights of Azure 2 has a definitive canon, but I am going to assume the that ending I got, the sad one that makes sense, is not the true ending as it was not difficult to get. I am not sure how to get the other one. Thanks to YouTube I will never have to find this out.

Aluche dies during the opening of the game. She is resurrected with Arnice's (from the first) blue blood turning her into a half-fiend (not a demi-fiend, that is a character from a much older, better game). Her heart has also been replaced with that or her creator, as it was damaged irreparably by a big ass sword going through it. This is foreshadowing, a reasonable hint as to what is going to happen later.

As Aluche gains power she begins to worry about going mad and turning into a full blown baby killing demon. She turns to one of her friends, Ruenhein, and asks her to kill her if this happens. Ruenhein tearfully agrees but doubts that she has the power to actually kill Aluche if the worst occurs. Again, decent foreshadowing.

Prior to the final battle Camilla, the doctor who created Aluche and whose heart beats in her chest, pulls Ruenhein aside and confesses to installing a failsafe when she brought Aluche back from the dead. There is a macguffin on Aluche's heart that will turn her to crystal, killing her, with the flick of a switch. She then hands Ruenhein the remote and tells her to do what must be done.

Everything make sense so far? This is pretty straightforward for a JRPG.

Aluche defeats the Moon Queen, the big bad who killed her in the first place, but ends up possessed by the Moon Queen's spirit and turns into a baby killing demon. She is about to absorb Liliana, the titular (no pun intended) Bride of the New Moon, and obtain absolute power when Ruenhein flips the switch and she turns to crystal. Big explosions, Aluche dies, bittersweet ending, Chamberlain is satisfied because it at least makes sense and he can now play something else.

But I had to know: what was the 'good' ending? Strap in.

Liliana (the Bride of the New Moon) was with Aluche when the Moon Queen killed her at the beginning of the game. Liliana regained consciousness as the world was ending. The Moon Queen had already won and was in the process of destroying the world. Liliana had a power that was briefly teased that allowed her to greatly slow time in a specific area. She used this power to lock the growing 'end of the world' wave in place and waited for Aluche to find her.

The Liliana that Aluche had been chasing, found, and then adventuring with was not real. The fight between Aluche and the Moon Queen did not happen. Everything was just a projection, Liliana's dream, and it led up to Liliana not being able to maintain the time stop any longer. Aluche joins her and the power of their love allowed them to maintain the time stop at the cost of never being seen again.

USDA Grade A certified bullshit. Very little if any foreshadowing, terrible explanation, stupid twist, might as well have been directed by M. Night Shyamalan. At least the game was short.


I watched a new Simpson's episode for the first time in I don't know how long as I was trapped on the couch under sleeping cat and sleeping wife. It was terrible. I need to make sure that it doesn't happen again.

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