Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Fresh start

Ah, the top of the year blog refresh. This year gets smaller, all the old games are shuffled off to a new page and the eponymous backlog remains the same.

As was hinted at in the photo below I spent eight days in Hawaii over Christmas. This was not by choice but I would be a lying is I said that I did not enjoy it. I mean, look at this shit:

However, as simply being in Hawaii costs exorbitant amounts of money I do not foresee returning any time soon. Memories of 80 degree days and 65 degree nights will have to get me through highs below 0 (0 fahrenheit, motherfuckers.) It is a wonder that I did not expire upon exiting the plane.


There was not much time to play anything while I was away. The Switch made the trip, as did a fresh copy of Super Mario Odyssey, and I have few complaints. It is not a game that I can play for extended periods of time, both due to the joy cons not be compatible with my hands and how much backtracking is required for extra moons, but at home on a normal controller it is excellent for about an hour or so. Having not playing a 3D Mario since Mario 64 it is almost all new to me, which is good, but the control is not as precise as I would like. Nothing close to Cuphead, and I know that is an unfair comparison as there are different animals entirely, but it was my game of the year last year so why not use it as an unfair bar of quality.

I did not purchase nor play Steamworld Dig 2 which I feel guilty for. This will be remedied. Eventually.

My familiarity with South Park ends well over a decade ago. I am vaguely aware of who Timmy and Jimmy are, I know Butters from the first game, and have no clue who Craig is. Also Cartman's voice is wrong and I don't remember him being this much of an asshole. It is not fair to hold my not watching television against the game, so I won't, but much of the humor this time around veers just past humorous if offensive lampooning to just being kind of gross, especially when dealing with police racism and literally slapping hoes to change the allegiance.

Writing down 'I was slapping hoes last night' does not work in any context, game or not. In my opinion The Fractured but Whole does indeed take much of its more charged humor about one or two steps too far. And I thought dodging your father's balls and spelunking into Mr. Slave's cavernous colon in the first game were hilarious. There are definite high points: Timmy as Professor X is genius and punching people for micro-aggressions make me laugh almost every time. They are just outweighed but what are, to my eyes and ears, attempts at satire that were just trying too hard.

Combat is new and improved with a basic grid movement system dropped on top of its turn based combat. I am playing it on Normal and have yet to be challenged, which is a disappointment, but I believe that the game will allow me to change difficulty at any time. It will let me change gender and race, why not have complete control over my experience?

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