Monday, January 15, 2018


I am at a stalemate with Shadow of War. The game is still being played but it has admitted that there are parts of the game, namely the siege missions, that are not very good. Terrible even. The combat has not evolved in any way from the first game, which was not appreciably changed from the Arkham Knight games, and breaks down to an orgy or flailing weapons and orc parts when there are too many enemies on the screen. At least the frame rate doesn't dig much, meaning that you can see full well all that you cannot see. The hopelessness is presented in full detail.

This was partly due to attempting the first siege the wrong way. I did not go into the fort ahead of time and clean out all of the captains. It made little sense to me for one man to walk into a fort that I was about to send hundreds of brain washed orcs into but not doing so made the contest unwinnable. It is getting more tedious: I am on the third siege mission, there are five captains and each has several body guards, all of whom should be turned or killed prior to anything else being attempted.

Shadow of War really things that it is a good game. It really thinks that the combat is good enough (it isn't) and the story is good enough (so far, nah) to justify some serious grinding. Wait, you don't want to grind? Buy some orcs!

No. Must resist. The game doesn't suck yet. It's close. And when it does begin to suck? I have better things to do.

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