Friday, January 12, 2018

Nerding out intensifies

I keep trying to put Shadow of War into the Lord of the Rings timeline and it just is not working. Shelob is alive which means that Sam hasn't killed her yet but Sam and Frodo have to be in Mordor because Gollum keeps showing up but how does Gollum have the time to move back and forth between Frodo and Shelob? The witch king is still alive, meaning that this is before the Battle of the Pelannor Fields, but if it is before the Battle of the Pelannor Fields then why did Minas Tirith refuse Minas Ithil's request for aid?

Wait, Minas Ithil had become Minas Morgul before the Battle of the Pelannor Fields. Frodo and Sam sneaked around (or through) Minas Morgul on their way to Mordor. Sauron gives Minas Morgul to the witch king as a reward for retrieving a palantir. Depending on who holds Osgiliath I would place Shadow of War between The Two Towers and The Return of the King. When does Gollum meet up with Frodo and Sam again?

It must be noted that I am a bad, bad nerd and that all of my knowledge comes from the Peter Jackson movies, not the books. I have never read any of the Lord of the Rings book, to say nothing of the Silmarillion. I never even finished The Hobbit when tried to read it as a child. Like most I got to the Battle of the Five Armies and was like 'Fuck, this is still going? I could be playing The Legend of Zelda.'

I have a feeling that the further I get into Shadow of War the least neatly it will fit in with the fiction it is drawn from. Talion creating an army of orcs to fight Sauron does not at all mesh with the actual events of the book, especially since everyone knows how the story ends.

Just drop him, Sam.

Act 2 has just begun and I have a feeling that my interest in Shadow of War is about to wane. The Street Fight 5 AE update hits next week, right after the open Dragonball FighterZ beta, so it is not like I will have any shortage of games to play that make me angry.

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