Thursday, January 4, 2018

Sorry to dissappoint

The Last Jedi has problems, some of them serious. I still despise Finn and his character arc in this movie does him no favors. He starts by trying to run away, gets shot (in an top notch moment of realization and badassery by Rose) and then runs around a casino world before dropping a stupid one liner on a wasted character and trying to kill himself on a wasted suicide run. Through all of this Rose somehow falls in love with him.

Finn, and most of the casino planet sequence, could be excised from the movie and not missed. Correction, Benecio del Toro would be missed, but del Toro is almost always missed when not present.

So much smarm in one place. Delicious.

I am also tired of the BB-8 comic relief designed to sell merchandise. He looks like he belongs in a Mattel commercial, but I am old and I prefer my droids shiny and wordy or cylindrical and foul mouthed. Finally, I understand that it is uncouth to speak ill of the dead, but Leia floating through space looked really, really stupid. 

That is the extent of my ill will. This was a good movie. Far better that The Force Awakens. Almost as good as Rogue One.

Contrary to the loud mouthed whiny man babies of the internet I found Luke's portrayal just about perfect. He was a broken man who rightly blamed himself for the return of the dark side. He was frightened of Rey because he knew that he could neither train her nor control her power. At the end of Return of the Jedi Luke believed his own legend, and it cost him, and he paid for it by isolating himself from the force and the rest of the galaxy.

The momentary (and illusionary) return of badass Luke was the best he could do to make up for his sins. And it was enough. Don't kid yourself, he will be back in ghost form. If Yoda could come back just fuck with Luke then Luke can come back just to fuck with Kylo Ren. I am looking forward to that.

Speaking of Kylo Ren, I have described him in the past as timid baby Vader and Snoke agreed before being cut in half. Kylo still doesn't know what to do with all of his power, be that the force or the entire First Order. He is still a lost, angry toddler wielding machine guns, reaching out for anyone who can identify with him, be that person friend or enemy. And it works. I buy it. He will not survive the third movie but he will at least get a redemptive ending.

And Rey? It's still awfully convenient that she can do everything she does with no training, that she is, if not immune, beyond falling to the dark side. Perhaps that is the point. She has no progeny, no long line of force using ancestors. The force chose her, much like how the force chose Anakin, and maybe it chose a little better this time around.

Poe is a badass. Full stop. He spent the entire movie getting slapped around, literally, and he is still awesome. Unlike some characters (Finn) where he started and where he ended made sense. And the light speed attack is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

For those who assumed there would bitching, I apologize. The Last Jedi was a good movie. Better than the prequels, not as good as the originals, and destined to be the Empire Strikes Back of Disney's Star Wars effort.

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