Friday, February 2, 2018

A welcome return

It's. So. Big.

First, an addendum to the podcast: my initial reaction to Assassin's Creed: Origins lauded that fact that after three or so hours of play there was not a hint of the 'real world.' I was playing as a character in egypt, presumably the first assassin, and not playing as a boring character sitting in an animus who was remembering the interesting character. This was on Wednesday night.

Ten minutes after turning the game back on on Thursday night I was dumped out of Egypt into the real world. So much for that improvement.

Everything else, though? Everything else is better. The combat has moved from automatic and boring to mediocre and requiring attention. Collecting items and crafting is both important and streamlined. Getting caught on the corner of a wall and running up it no longer happens because sprinting is the default movement action and climbing requires a specific button be held down. Side missions are plentiful and *gasp* interesting. Every area discovered has a goal, be it kill the captain or collect a specific number of treasure chests or defeat a bad ass hippopotamus (all of these are real, by the way). The game is nice enough to tell the player what needs to be done and mark the area as complete when the task is finished.

The game is huge and densely packed with activities but it respects the player's time by giving appropriate information. Imagine that! It turns out that Ubisoft actually did some critical thinking between Syndicate and Origins. Taking more than year between sequels is a good thing!

I have just scratched the surface of Origins and it may very well veer into repetitive tasks in repeated areas. Until then, this is my gaming life. I must uncover all the question marks in Egypt, kill all the bad guys, skin all the crocodiles, and absolutely climb to the top of every tower I come across.

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