Tuesday, February 27, 2018


It figures that as soon as I start piling on to a game it gets better. The Evil Within 2 is significantly better when it is being linear, when its scares are scripted and when it is focused on a specific bad guy. Grotesque art guy went down last night and was followed up by crazy baptist preacher guy whose areas finally look like something out of the first game.

How did all of these crazy people end up STEM anyway?

The first game did not let the 'everything is actually a simulation, think The Matrix, but smaller' cat out of the bag until the end of the game. That kept both Sebastian, the main character, and the player guessing as to what the hell was going on. This time everyone knows that it is a simulation gone haywire. One of the opening scenes is Sebastian sitting down in a tank of white fluid and being logged into STEM.

With the mystery removed so are most of the scares. It sounds ridiculous, especially because it is a game so of course  nothing is real, but knowing that the protagonist knows that nothing is real removes most of the tension. Yes, crazy shit is going down, but it is the result of a cascading failure of an elaborate simulation, not evil beasties from another dimension.

It is not as bad as I made it sound yesterday but I hesitate to call it a good game. One more night before the end, I think. If another rocket launcher drops from the sky in the final boss fight I will have a fit.

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