Monday, February 5, 2018

It could happen

There are many things that make Assassin's Creed Origins cool. Bayek is cool. He is on a mission of revenge and, when it was shown to him that this mission was incomplete, he declared that first he would eat, drink and make love and then he would get back to killing fools. He also looked Cleopatra dead in the eye after she offered herself to him (at the cost of being executed in the morning) and said that he was already pledged to another woman. That would be Aya, his wife.

Aya is also very, very cool.

I get the feeling that the player's perspective is going to shift to that of Aya at some point. She has all the connections, right up to and included the exiled leader of Egypt, Cleopatra. Bayek is just the muscle, the errand boy. Not that Aya needs protecting. She killed a man by stabbing him in the eyes through his mask.

Two Assassin's Creed games in a row with interesting female characters? So much for female characters being too expensive to code. Could Ubisoft be *gasp* learning from its mistakes?

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