Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Same old problems

After damn near forty hours of Assassin's Creed Origins I do need to level a few criticisms at it. Being fair and balanced in important, yes?

Complaint the first: who in their right mind mapped light attack to the right bumper and the heavy attack to the right trigger, then set the special attack to hitting both at the same time? Dodge us on X and guard is on the left bumper, which is fine, but the finger gymnastics required to pull off a special attack in the middle of a fight is olympic. It may be possible to remap the controls but I have gotten used to it in the same way one would get used to a pillow that is a little too flat or a lump in a mattress. It hurts but you are too lazy to do anything about it.

Complaint the second: why is Assassin's Creed still forcing the modern day nonsense into its story? No one, and I mean no one in the entire world, cares about it. For example: Bayek tracked two mercenaries that be believed drowned a little girl (the game actually showed the girl underwater, tied to a stone. It gets dark.) to a newly opened colosseum. He is refused entry without a sponsor and coincidentally runs into a fighter from his hometown of Siwa, an old friend that he does not fully trust. Bayek omits the part about tracking down child killing scum bags and joins up with her and the two of them kill a whole bunch of nobodies.

Bayek and Kensa are finally matched up against Bayek's targets with the express limit of not killing them, just hurting them. They win, Bayek interrogates one of the gladiators and finds that they did not actually kill the girl but one of the patrons of the colosseum, an old woman who just happens to be in the audience, did. Bayek leaves and Kensa is furious at him for not telling the truth.

The old woman, the crocodile, hides out in a giant granary compound north of the colosseum. Bayek finds her with a brand new bodyguard: Kensa. Ok, this should be interesting. I had no interest in killing Kensa so I separated the two, killed the crocodile, and then waited to see what would happen next. Kensa stopped, squared up to me to get ready for a fight, and...

...and the game dumps me out back into the real world. I do about two minutes of bullshit before returning to Egypt and the event is over. Kensa is nowhere to be found and would could have been an interesting moment was ruined.

That's the best I can muster. This game is really good and I do not think I will be done with it any time soon.

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