Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Just one of many

Did feel that?

The whole world just got dumber.


Viewed from afar by alien eyes we, as a species, are a nearly homogenous mass that manages to fight with itself over cosmetic differences. Each individual's contributions can be replaced by a thousand others with no loss in efficiency. We are more akin to worker ants or indistinguishable cells of a larger organism than the unique beings our collective hubris leads us to see in the mirror.

There are outliers, true freaks of nature, that by either physical or mental acuity are our betters. These men and women, who should our leaders, or at the very least our gold standard, are often unrecognized and unappreciated by the teeming masses. They recieve a postumas mention on the evening news and then their genius is gone.

Stephen Hawking transcended the isolation of genius with the best selling, least read book of all time. He appeared on The Simpson, which is awesome, and on The Big Bang Theory, which I will forgive him for. His contributions to science are as important as they are indecipherable. I do not know if, deep in his heart, he loathed the rest of his species. Perhaps the fact that his physical impairment required the services of many kept him grounded and appreciative. Then again, there are many, many more of that many and there was only one of him.

Perhaps it is cosmic justice that the smartest man in the world required an army of idiots by comparison to function. Our species will continue to exist. Most of the cells will remain ignorant of the loss because it has no effect on their ordained location and function. And there will be, or already is, another like him. When there are billions of us it is bound to happen eventually.

Still, the collective IQ of the planet just dropped. We need another intellectual hero before we forget how to fucking breath.

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