Thursday, March 22, 2018

Momentary amusement

Need for Speed Payback pulled a single, stubborn chuckle from me last night. It was a momentary flash of amusement that certainly does not change my overall opinion of the game but I would be a fool to not admit that, yeah, it was pretty cool.

The 'good' guys are tasked with stealing two gold plated vehicles, partly to check out the technology inside and partly to piss off the owner. The theft goes sideways as the trap that no one saw coming is sprung and both vehicles have a bomb hidden in the undercarriage. They still move forward with the theft and both car end up in the back of an armored semi.

End up is not descriptive enough. The Lamborghini ramped off of a cop car, flew the air as it had wings, landing in just the right spot in the semi's trailer. It was ridiculous. And it got better.

With both cars safely inside (bombs included) the player's point of view shift to the semi. The semi is powerful enough to ram through anything the cop throw at it, so I gleefully ran down barricade after barricade, sending cars flying in a scene that made the end of The Blue's Brothers jealous.

This is what whole game should have been: over the top nonsense. Alas, as soon as that was done it was back to the grind. It is actually making me to more drag races which are the least fun things I have ever done in a racing game. Ever.

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