Friday, March 9, 2018

Switched and baited

I was all set to play Call of Duty WWII last night. The disc had arrived, I put it on the 'to be played' area of me entertainment cabinet and then forgot about it. Later that evening, hyped to shoot Nazis, I opened the envelope and was greeted by Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT, a game that I forgot was on the way and had little interest in actually playing.

Speaking now as a video game addict, what else was I going to do, so I installed it.

Seeing characters from just about all Final Fantasies, up to and including Ramza from Final Fantasy Tactics, I did experience a tinge of pleasant reminisenance. After scrolling through the list I chose Lightning and went through the tutorial. What I found was not a normal fighting game but a three on three cluterfuck somwhere in the vein of Virtual On but even more indecipherable.

There is a button for dashing, more accurately chasing, that makes the whole game look like a Dragonball rerun. Characters' hit points are built up by one set of attacks and spent on another which is honestly an interesting risk/reward mechanic in that killing one enemy leaves you wide open to attacks from the next. If the pace and visuals weren't so frenetic it might have warranted investigation.

Story mode makes an effort to explain why all of these characters are in the same place at the same time, I assume. I could not play more more than a few cutscenes into it as unlocking them required bullshit tokens (my name for them) and the only way to earn these bullshit tokens is to fight online, which was not happening, or against AI.

On top of the bullshit tokens this earned gil for purchasing cosmetics and loot boxes filled with other other nonsense. If I enjoyed the actual fighting, which I did not, I might have kept going. I played just long enough for this little gem:

Oh great gods of gaming and GameFly, can I please shoot bad guys tonight?

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