Friday, April 27, 2018

God of procrastination

Kratos seems to have a difficult time staying on task. For two consecutive nights I was intent on making progress on the plot and on both nights I was sidetracked by dragons and chests and side quests and general exploration. I could not make progress in the game because of the game, which I suppose is not a bad thing, but I have podcasting partners itching to talking about the game in a spoiler filled manner so I need to get this shit done.

Last night I did manage to check a few story notches off and, based on a recent trophy, I am running out of dark alleys to wander into. I also managed to kill two of the eight valkyries, which is a start, but from what I understand they shift from challenging to fuck you with little warning and are not required to finish the game. I have no idea what I will do when the difficulty jump hits. I spent an hour on one challenge in the fire realm before giving up and I do not have the time to fall into that trap again.

Even when I purchase a game it feels like I am playing against a deadline.


  1. Nahhh take it easy, Son. The more time you spend on the side stuff that makes the world seem more grand and epic, the more of a let-down the ending is.