Monday, April 30, 2018

God of restraint

God of War wrapped up last night. I do no want to steal my own thunder and spoil this week's podcast but I will say that I am not mad but I am also not satisfied. God of War has just a little bit in common with Far Cry 5 in that it is great to look at and play but it is definitely missing something. Before anyone sharpens their pitchforks I will say that God of War is certainly better than Far Cry 5, it is probably the best game that I have played so for this year, but that does not mean that with a little more something in couldn't, or shouldn't, have been significantly better.

God of War games have been built around epic set pieces and impossible encounters with impossibly huge enemies. Just saying 'God of War' conjures up the image of the hydra fight from the first game, the colossus of rhodes from the second and Hades from the third. These are fights that I will always remember through rose, or blood red, colored glasses. This God of War had nothing like that. It is full of quiet moments, personal moments, moments that work on an emotional level but that are not what I came to this party for.

And when this God of War finally gets down to a bit of the old ultra-violence (I am stealing from Alex here, listen to last week's episode) it is a little to ashamed of what is used to be. The kills are subdued. The camera shys away from gorier moments even when said moment is being played for laughs. The series has gone from the skin stretching and tearing as Kratos tears off Helios' head to dad Kratos gruffly saying 'I am going to cut your head off now' to Mimir and the camera panning to Atreus for a reaction shot.

It's missing the edge of the old games. Its blades have dulled as Kratos' beard grew in.

That is all for now. There will be more after the podcast. Instead I am going to play Ni No Kuni II and probably love it.

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