Monday, April 2, 2018

Opinion verified

Around seventeen hours into Far Cry 5 and yes, I can confirm that it is definitely a good game. It may not be my favorite Far Cry but it still is a prime example of the Ubigame and its ability to make changing the color of pips on a map more than enjoyable, downright addictive. I have finished one of three map sections and have not slowed down yet.

One of my consistent complaints about previous Far Cry games as this you run out of skills to unlock long before you run out of map to explore and side missions to complete. Far Cry 5 remedies that by no longer having any sort of XP system. Perks are unlocked with perk points that are found in prepper shelters and the occasional random building. The game better controls the player's rate of improvement preventing the final hours from feeling empty.

At least I hope so. I will let you know when I get closer to the end.

On the down side the plot and setting continue to be uninteresting. I found myself wanting to skip a cut scene last night, annoyed that it had interrupted my base raid and then relocated me when it was done. I want to play the game, not live the game, which is not a good sign for how memorable it will be. This falls completely on boring villains. They aren't evil enough to be reviled nor are they clever enough to be interesting. It's just a doomsday cult based on a twisted version of Christianity

You know, like people who watch Fox News.

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