Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Take it for what it is

Twenty one hours in, two of three areas complete. Far Cry 5 is a narrative free sandbox in which cool things happen, often an random, and I am continually tempted to skip story cutscenes. Individual story missions are fine, often interesting, but getting preached at again and again but a shirtless Joseph Seed is neither interesting nor intimidating. It's not even interesting. It's boring and a Far Cry bad guy should never be boring.

It is hard to complain about a game in which the following occurred: I inadvertently threw a chunk of bait at a jeep filled with three or four cultists instead of a grenade. Realizing my error I attempted to switch from my bow to my rocket launcher. During that animation a bear shows up out of fucking nowhere and attacks the cultists, holding them at bay long enough for me to kill all of them, bear included, in an explosion that would make Michael Bay cum just a little bit.

Far Cry 5 is a good game, mechanically, it just isn't as good in any other way as any of the previous games. All the money and time was spent getting the game to run at 4K, 30 fps, which is awesome, but the characters needed more time, or a few more rewrites, to fit into the game. It's miles and miles wide but only a few inches deep.

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