Thursday, May 17, 2018

A good/bad start to the day

For just a moment ignore the fact that comments had to be disabled on this video and enjoy sharing your hobby with people who aren't lucky enough to have all of their digits or limbs working exactly as they should.

Now that you feel good, think about why the comments were disabled. People who play videogames, my people, the community with whom I most closely identify, is equal parts excellent and absolute shit heals. The same general group of people that created Child's Play unleashed gamergate. The same group of people who helped create this controler, a literal gateway to new worlds, has other members who want to gate these worlds behind the requirement that the player have ten working fingers.

Good on Microsoft for developing this controller and for keeping the cost reasonable at $99. And shame on anyone who thinks that opening experiences up to more people somehow diminishes that experience.

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