Wednesday, May 23, 2018

And you thought I was human

I may be a terrible human being but at least I would make a very good machine. The Turing Test says so.


The epilogue of The Turing Test sees Eva separating herself from TOM and joining up with the one remaining member of the ground crew, Sarah. This revealed that the entire game had taken place from TOM's point of view: as soon as his control of Eva is severed the screen goes black and TOM frantically jumps from camera to camera, trying to find her.

Eva and Sarah decide that in order to escape they have to shut TOM down for good. TOM knows this, follows them for a bit with cameras, then settles into the mini-gun mounted on the ceiling of his server room. The choice is plain: kill these humans for the greater good or allow them to escape back to Earth and potentially damn the entire species.

I imagine it was supposed to be a hard choice, that it was designed to force the player to decide between guaranteed safety and the potential for biological armageddon. It wasn't for me, I shot the two women before they made it out of the doorway. It was such an easy choice that I found it disturbing, which was probably the point.

The Turing Test was a good puzzle game with an interesting narrative. How often does that happen? Hopefully twice in a row as I am starting Gotogoa tonight. I am looking to stock up as many serene experiences as possible before next week Tuesday.


Chamberlain and Chance - The little things

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