Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Game or fungal infection?

Ni No Kuni II is growing on me. Slowly. Insidiously. I have grown accustomed to its more irksome mechanics, forgiven them because the game give me something in return. I am not sure what this something is, though. It could be the pleasant internal warmness of a dying genre. Or it could be sepsis.

It occured to me that what I complained about last week, time based lockouts on noninteractive but required missions and improvements, is not new to retail games. Several Assassin's Creed games have used them to greater and less annoying affect. The difference is simple: in Assassin's Creed you could manage these missions and reap the rewards from a menu that was available anywhere. In Ni No Kuni II you need to stop whatever you are doing, fast travel back to your kingdom and wade through three layers of UI before completing whatever upgrade is finished for is modest bonus.

At first it was terrible. Now it is part of the rhythm of the game. Finish story quest - go back home to collect research - return to finished area to complete newly opened side missions and recruit new villagers - go back home again to place villagers before starting next round of research. Just because I have it figured out and no longer hate it does not mean that it couldn't have been done about a thousand time better.

Having past the twenty hour mark I am now in for the long haul.

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