Tuesday, May 15, 2018

It's better than nothing

Black Mirror is a fancy point and click adventure game. Very dark, kind of creepy, equally comfortable in its well worn skin and infuriating in its refusal to modernize. In the space of thirty minutes I went from being quite pleased that it told me that I did not need to leave a room to find some missed item and that the answer was right in front of me to being incredibly angry that it allowed me to waste what seemed like hours on a puzzle that I could not solve not because I did not have the right item but because it was not the right time.

It is quite possible I end playing through the game with a walkthrough open on my phone. I am just interested enough to see if it delivers on its Lovecraftian tease but not invested enough to put any actual work into it. The game is a refugee from a generation ago with visuals and load times to prove it.

This is why I have GameFly.

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