Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Too much Nintendo

The only musou games I have ever enjoyed enough to finish are Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2. They were acceptable because of what was missing, not what was added. The Dragon Quest Heroes games did not have much if any battlefield management. You can your three people and their summons through the level from beginning to end with little back tracking. Once an area is clear is stays clear.

Hyrule Warriors is much closer to it Dynasty Warriors ancestry. Bases can be retaken by the enemy which leads to much more running back and forth than I am the patience for. It also forces the player to use different characters in different levels, characters who do not level up when they are on the sideline. Worry not, you can spend rupies to bring them up the same level as your highest character! However, rupies run out quickly, leading to grinding previous levels for money, which is not something that I would do not any game, much less a musou.

All it had going for it was characters from multiple Zelda games and a surprisingly solid frame rate for as much as it had going on. I had not heard the Switch's fan run as loudly for any other game. Tat got me about half way through before giving up and walking away.


I bought the Street Fighter anniversary collection and attempted to resurrect my rush down Dhalsim from Super Turbo. It didn't work, but I was tired and a little drunk, and that is an excuse I will stick to like glue.

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